TRENDS (with Antonina Baever). Collaborative project. 2015
The New Wing of Gogol House. Moscow, Russia.

There are different accounts of a comic incident from a hundred years ago, when finding himself in Paris, Vladimir Tatlin tried every way imaginable to get into Picasso's studio and discover the trends of the coming season. He finally succeeded, was caught at the scene and shown the door. Reportedly, what he had seen in the studio stunned Tatlin so much that he stopped painting and talking to Malevich.
Now is the epoch of the global post-internet art. Artists' fear of plagiarism has given way to the paradigm of social networks and content exchange. Today, precious ideas are put into life even before someone threatens their copyright.
The Trends exposition begins with a scale model of the exposition's space. This introductory element contains models of the artists' works, none of which have been displayed before. Yet, the works themselves do not appear in the following exhibition: it only offers their photos, taken specifically for this project by invited photographers and placed in accordance with the exposition plan.
The Trends project is meant to shorten the distance between the author and the viewer. The virtual model of sensational, mint, not-yet-in-demand works by key contemporary artists must meet the high expectations of a sophisticated audience. The project explores the aesthetic potential of the most popular aspect of contemporary photography – that is, its capacity for global distribution.

Antone Lewis Dolezal, Ivars Gravlejs, Tom Huber, Christian Jankowski, Anna Jermolajewa, Stephan Kallage, San Keller, Anna Khodorkovskaya, Jonathan Meese, Deimantas Narkevicius, Roee Rosen, Boryana Rossa, Igor Samolet, Ania Shestakova, Avdei Ter-Oganian, Erwin Wurm, Eva Würdinger, Yagama Yankovskaya