Aperto Raum. Berlin, Germany.

Any text can be viewed as a code that starts the process of uniting groups of like-minded people. Books consistently play a consolidating role due to their ability to physically and metaphorically fill up empty, silent spaces of the social realm with meaning. However, this consistent accumulation of knowledge forces the establishment of lists of books that are then sometimes emphatically recommended for reading. Some of these canons do actually fill bookshelves and condition one’s reading when time and space allow. But there is another side – an imaginary library composed of untouchable and disregarded books. There are many ways to edit what should or shouldn't be read, who should or shouldn't be listened to. Just the assertion that there are certain omniscient books for every subject, which eliminate the need to read any further, summons doubt.
Imaginary Library: revisited - a project for Aperto Raum Berlin, an open laboratory, library and archive.