Pavilion Russia (Independent self-proclaimed commission on the case of the Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale). Collective project. 2019
Depot Book Club. Moscow, Russia

One of the most important events in the life of the contemporary art world takes place in Venice every two years - the Venice Biennale. Organizers designate the topic of the main project and invite artists to participate. National pavilions located in Giardini offer the viewers their projects. Russian pavilion is included as well. To be represented at the Biennale is considered as a significant achievement. Generally artists see this opportunity as a chance to show their art and to gain a reputation in the international art community. But any choice is a subjective decision, and therefore the participation in the show often seems to be the result of a lottery with unknown rules. Particular when it’s done by traditionalists with a little competence about contemporary culture. The Pavilion Russia project raises questions about the system of choice and offers a solution in the form of a self-organized alternative.

Participants: Danya Berkovsky, Ilya Kolesnikov, Natalia Zotikova, Maxim Zmeev, Maria Sviridova, Eugenia Panina, German Orekhov, Irina Lenkova, Anna Rotaenko, Alexey Smolyannikov, Daria Makarova, Ksenia Bashmakova, Liza Sazonova, Artur Repin, Mitya Zilbershtein, Veronika Aktanova, Ilya Schwitters-Mamleev

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