THE SHOW. Collective project. 2019
The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin. Moscow, Russia

Participants: Artyom Goloschapov, Aleksandr Zaitcev, Konstantin Zatsepin,
Lidiya Katashuk, Vladimir Logutov, Roman Minaev, Misha Most, Vladimir Omutov, Anna
Rotaenko, Andrey Syaylev.

The show intentionally doesn't have a single name. The event was preceded by four
different announcements, descriptions and names. But they all were inviting visitors to the
same place and the same time.
The conceptual background of "the Show" combines futurological fantasies, synthesis of
the past with reflections of the present - obviously, this is the art of search, at the turn of 2010s
and the upcoming 2020s. One of the key themes is the "world-without-distinctions". In it, the
boundaries of male and female, high and low, alive and lifeless, become mutually penetrable,
and the main conflict consists of "the simultaneous deduction of the divided life forms, in a
paradoxical and fragile integrity".