HIDDEN MEANINGS DETECTOR. Collective project. 2018
Museum Center. The Russian State University for the Humanities. Moscow, Russia

As the nature of art is to keep inventing new rules of the game, it brings forth numerous interpretations that force the viewer to wander the labyrinth of possible meanings. There is a strong chance of fanciful meanings where there isn’t any. Or vice versa – obvious yet insignificant meaning may hide behind aesthetical constructs, thus hindering perception of an initial message. The artist’s intent, his knowledge, experience and ability to accurately recode something intuitively perceived in real life into a currently relevant artist statement seem like perfect conditions for this information system. Plus, trouble-free transfer of messages from the author to the audience is supposed to ensure that they are interpreted correctly, and resulting conclusions are used by the recipient for his/her own purposes. However, with all these perfect conditions, the art still has this additional ability of generating random signs and actions, and transforming these into valuable information as a part of creative process. This inevitably leads to information noise that defines the general atmosphere of uncertainty of creative environment, where meaning and nonsense can fight for attention in one context.

Participants: Anton Baranov, Kseny Bashmakova, Anna Brandush, Alexander Zaitcev, Irina Lenkova, Alfia Miftakhutdinova, Valeria Mordashova, Liza Sazonova, Jullet Sarkisian, Elena Smirnova, Alexei Smolyannikov, Gayana Tavakalova, Asya Frolova, Kristina Zian.

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