PEMOHT. One day exhibition. In collaboration with Migrating Art Academies. Kassel, Germany. 2012.
Participants: Maria Kalinina, Anastasia Kalk, Taisia Krugovykh, Sofia Tatarinova, Ivan Novikov, Maria Volkova.

Since Documenta has been established as an international cultural event with substantial investments in order to show anti-fascist positions in German art after the World War II, we face the inner force of contemporary art as a creative tool with the ability to rehabilitate a nation in the eyes of the civilized world.
A very similar situation has been experienced by Russia, where modern art was purposely ignored from the 1930s to the middle of the 1980s due to the severe restrictions of the socialist realism doctrine.
Today’s contemporary art is supposed to create a positive image of the nation abroad with ambitious budgets for projects like the Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, where artists from all over the world meet to share their experience of today’s life in the language of art. Nevertheless the academic art schools in Russia have never been reformed and few art courses give the knowledge about contemporary art practices. The Open Studio project initiated at the Rodchenko School of Photography and New Media in Moscow aims to find new expanded forms of education, where students from different universities teach their vision of certain artistic disciplines.
During the residency at TOP e.V. in Kassel the group of students from Moscow were working on one of the main aspects – the language of contemporary art as a multifunctional political tool.

Night view. Mobile construction in action.

Sofia Tatarinova. Untitled (August 17).